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Mickey Bell



If you deal with depression then you already know the many emotions that come with the illness.  Mickey knows all about it too and he shares how he lives a happy life while dealing with it.

More than a book you read from front to back, this book is written to be used on a daily basis.  Each chapter not only identifies a particular emotion but it encourages you on how to win each day.



A Pastor's Fall Into Grace

Do you know of someone in need of redemption?  Mickey knows all about making sinful mistakes that can cost you your job, your house and almost you family.  Read about how he found God to be the One who gives the second chance.

Mickey made some sinful choices that forced him out of a church position and let him down a dark path of depression and rejection.  In his first book, he has been called one of the most transparent authors without holding back any wrong decision or thought.  It's this openness that draws the reader in and doesn't let go.

Mickey Bell - The Author

Mickey Bell has a story to tell and he doesn't shy away from sharing it.  His gift includes being able to weave the ups and downs from his personal walk and through his bold transparency, he is able to encourage and motivate his readers.  One of the biggest compliments Mickey receives will come from people who say they have not read a book since high school but was unable to put his book down.


The goal of Mickey's writings is to simply motivate his reader to make proper adjustments to their life for better impact.  He doesn't go on a theological tangent and he doesn't write on a level that you can't understand.  Down to earth and very entertaining, your life will benefit from the time you spend reading after this author.



I thought this was an excellent book describing one man's issue with depression. Mickey Bell does such a great job in this book discussing issues. It almost makes you feel as if he is across the room speaking to you. He did the same pattern in his first book, "I am David". Highly recommend! Received it today, and could not put it down until I read the whole book. And I am not a reader by any means. 

- Curtis  "Reverse The Course Of Depression"

I believe this book is written in a simple way so that even if you don’t like to read, the paragraph structure helps you keep going. The content is real and discusses our human weaknesses and failures. The writer expresses raw emotions that most people don’t know how to put in words. I grew up with a lot of the same issues as this author. I appreciate the honesty and weaving God in to his process of healing. The ‘ so called church’, desperately needs to face its soulish issues as this writer did! He put his faith in God and lived to share it with me. 

- Donna  "Reverse The Course Of Depression"

This book is a powerful tool to help battle depression.It's a first hand account of Pastor Mickey's journey with depression & how he turned it around.Even if you don't have issues with depression give this book to someone who does.

- Michael  "Reverse The Course Of Depression"

"What a story, read and listen as the man of scriptures becomes the man in the mirror. Be blessed as you read an encouraging finish to a challenging story."

Pastor Johnny Hunt - First Baptist Church -Woodstock, Ga

"I Am David"

"Pastor Mickey hit the ball out of the park with his latest book, I Am David! I began reading it one evening and could not put it down. His brutal honesty and transparency about personal struggles and storms are both refreshing and challenging. If you are tired of living with discouragement and defeat and desire freedom ... real freedom... God's freedom ... do yourself a favor and read, I Am David!"


Kevin Hamm - First Baptist Church, Gardendale, AL

"I Am David"

"Transparency. Some talk about it and some do it. Mickey Bell is in the latter category.  In "I Am David", you'll find an unvarnished unpacking of a man and leader's life-struggles. It will help you and other men you know."


Sam Chand

"I Am David"

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