This is a 4-week LIVE video course that will take you from where you are and help you define where you want to be.  Then it is up to you to apply what you learn to get there.


  • This LIVE event will take place on Tuesdays at 7pm cst.  
  • You will access this training through the Zoom application.
  • During the LIVE teachings you will receive direct assistance with your emotions and triggers.
  • You will leave this training with the knowledge of how to be happy while living with depression.


Questions You Might Have:

Why Charge?

Because with any difficult training you receive, it's easy to give up and quit if you don't have any skin in the game.  This enables you to be invested into the program and have a great reason on getting all you can out of the training.  Plus with so many who would like to do this training, experts tell us that having a small charge weeds out those who are more nosey than those who are actually interested.


Will it be recorded?
It will be recorded and you will be able to go back and watch the training if you miss it.  Just note: the high point of this training is getting the personal help with your deperession issues.


Will I get the help I need?

That is the reason this course is only limited to 12 people.  Mickey wants to make sure he is able to speak and pour into each person that has a seat at the table.

Level 1 - Living Happy With Depression



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