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EPK for Comedian Mickey Bell

Mickey Bell is quickly becoming one of the most sought after comedians and speakers for all types of events.  His humor is geared for all ages and will have you wanting more.  His style is unlike any other because he is just “MICKEY”.  He doesn’t strive to copy or be just like anyone else.  He uses his quick wit and church experience to show up at the event loaded with stories that will have you laughing at yourself.

Being raised in Alabama all of his life, Mickey has taken notice of all the things we do that doesn’t really make sense and has turned that knowledge into a great evening of laughs.  He doesn’t see the need to use vulgar language which allows him to entertain on any stage and at any event.

That makes Mickey perfect for your event.  Whether you are hosting a comedy night, a concert tour, conference or a special service, Mickey is a great choice if you want to laugh and have an evening you will never forget.  His personal testimony is one of restoration and the blessing of getting a second chance.  He shares about his bout with depression and uses his downfall to encourage and lift others up.

"I told God if he would allow me to laugh again, I would spend the rest of my life showing others how to laugh as well."

                                                                                                                                        - Mickey

"Mickey is one of the best I have seen in reading an audience and being able to personalize his material to people who have attended the event. Everywhere he goes, people just fall in love with him"

Mickey Bell Reaches People Of All Ages

  • Church Comedy Nights 

  • Church Holiday Banquets

  • Sunday PM Services

  • Youth Events

  • Conference Entertainer

  • Comedy Clubs

  • Concert Tours

  • Corporate Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Festivals


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